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October 13, 2021

A few big improvements!

While we consistently fix bugs, we’re also working on improving existing features. This week, we’ve released two major improvements that warrant their own announcements!

Google Classroom integration

In the new experience, the Google Classroom integration did not work as expected, most notably with Quests and the Grade Converter. We figured out what was causing these issues and addressed it.

We're proud to say that the Google Classroom integration should be back to its normal self, whether you’re creating a quest objective or importing grades!

Going back to a previous chapter

We understand that different teachers have different comfort levels when it comes to chapters. Unfortunately, once you've reached a chapter, you find yourself stuck there. But maybe students have too many different powers in Chapter 3, or maybe you don’t actually want to use Health in your class!

What can you do?! Well! It’s now possible to return to a previously-completed chapter, locking and hiding features until you feel ready or want to use them.

You can find this option in the class settings, under Game Rules: you should see a Class Progression tab!

Wanted: Mobile feedback!

Do you use Classcraft on mobile? Have opinions you want to share? We’re currently conducting a survey to help us improve the mobile experience. This 10-minute survey aims to gather feedback about the way teachers actually use the mobile app. Wanna help out? Click here!

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