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September 28, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

Accounts & characters 🧙

  • Made sure that the Add students step properly completes after importing students
  • Fixed issues with the View as student feature

User Interface 🧑‍💻

  • Made sure that the game feed would no longer break when a student used Psionic Shield 🔮🛡️
  • Whenever possible, Knowledge Center links the app bring teachers to the new experience section
  • Ensured that Health and Crystals are showed consistently through the whole flow of using a power
  • Made sure powers appear in French when creating a French class
  • Fixed the color of the Messaging notification
  • Fixed the behavior setting slider in Chapter 1
  • Replaced the word Health by the heart symbol in the negative behaviors interface ❤️
  • Changed the gear icon color for the active category

Class Tools & settings ⚒️

  • Fixed some issues with how the Grade Converter works with Google Classroom
  • Changed terms and colors in Analytics to match NCE 📈
  • Fixed some issues occurring when printing documents 🖨️

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments related to these fixes, please let us know! If you need assistance, check our Knowledge Center or contact support@classcraft.com for help! 😄

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