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November 18, 2021

Hot Tip #2 — Modifying points manually

We're back with more tips! Ever wondered how to remove Gold Pieces to a student, or give them a Crystal without waiting for them to level up? Well, wonder no more!

There's a handy little feature called Modify points manually that enables you to give or remove any type of points to one or more students. For this, the following count as "points":

  • Experience Points
  • Crystals
  • Gold Pieces (Chapter 2)
  • Health (Chapter 4)

There's any number of reasons why you might want to modify points outside the scope of behavior settings and tools. Here are a few common examples:

  • You mistakenly gave too many Experience Points to a student
  • You have a class store and a student wants to purchase something
  • On a special event, you want students to regain all their Crystals

Like when you use your positive or negative behaviors, you can modify points for a single or multiple students at a time. In either case, click the ... button to view the submenu and select Modify points manually.

Afterward, enter a description, which will be visible in your and your student's game feed and input the values you want to modify. Every value can be increased or decreased as you want!

Note that removing Experience Points from a student may reduce their level, which means they'll:

  • Lose access to higher-level gear
  • Lose access to higher-level pets
  • Lose some Gold Pieces and Crystals

They do not, however, lose the ability to equip already acquired pets and gear.

If you have any questions or hot tips suggestions, drop us a line, we love to hear from you! You can comment here or contact support@classcraft.com.

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